Q) What is Instant Play?

  • A) Up until now you only had one choice to eliminate dead "air" at the beginning of a sound clip and that was to edit that clip or use Sports Sounds Pro's Custom Cue Feature. Now it can be done automatically. When you activate Instant Play, Sports Sounds Pro first opens the sound clip file as a data file and scans it for the first sound that exceeds a pre-determined threshold (you control the threshold setting). It then starts playing the file from that point.

A test sound clip file is now available called "TakeMeTest.mp3". The "TakeMeTest.mp3" sound clip is a sound clip of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and it has dead "air" or silence on the front of it. Try it with "Instant Play" on and off and hear the difference.

TakeMeTest.mp3, RIGHT CLICK on it to download this file