What causes this error and how to fix it:

All files consist of a Header Record followed by data records.  In the Header Record for music files is the time stamp showing the length of time that music file will play.  When Sports Sounds Pro loads a page it scans all the music files on that page and accumulates the time of each one to display the total time for the page in the bottom right of the screen.  Sometimes the time stamp can become corrupted and it will contain invalid characters such as letters, symbols, etc., this will cuase the "Error in TimeToSeconds" message.

It is normally quite easy to find out which file is causing this.  Just look at the times for each sound button on the page where the error is occurring and look for one that does not look right (it will contain letters or symbols or other weird characters).  Just delete that button from Sports Sounds Pro and the error should go away.  To correct the file with the bad time stamp, try re-downloading  that music file or run it through one of the music file editors (like Audacity) and it will re-create the header record.  You can now re-load it into Sports Sounds Pro and your program should be error free.