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NOTICE #1: Updates:

Sports Sounds Pro is constantly being improved. As new refinements and/or features are added, the updated version will be posted to this web site. Make sure you check this site often to download the latest version.

NOTICE #2: Zip or EXE:

You now have the option of downloading a zip copy of Sports Sounds Pro. Some users have been experiencing firewall (security) problems trying to download an .exe file. The .zip file gets around that problem.

NOTICE #3: Download Problems

If you get a message saying the downloaded files are corrupt when you try to install, this normally means your download did not download the complete file. Check its size, it should be a little over 900 kb. You may have to try several times before you get a good download of the entire file.


Sports Sounds Pro 6.0 (Build 13) - exe file

Sports Sounds Pro 6.0 (Build 13) - zip file

Notes for Users:

Starting with Windows Vista, and continued in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, Windows has undertaken a number of measures to increase security. One of them is to not allow any programs to write into the Program Files directory. This is where previous versions of Sports Sounds Pro installed itself (C:\Program Files\SportsSoundsPro). Sports Sounds Pro now installs itself in (C:\SportsSoundsPro) folder and bypasses putting the program in the Program Files folder.

Some users of Vista have experienced problems installing to the Program Files folder (mostly Vista Home users). Vista uses a technique called Virtualization where they actually re-route writes to the Program Files folder. Microsoft has stated that this is a temporary fix to enable legacy systems to continue operating but they will not guarantee that it will not be removed in future Windows releases.

Sports Sounds Pro (SSP) has two files that it writes to. One is the .set file which contains your sound buttons and the other one is a file named SS.ini which contains all your settings. If you purchase a new computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 and your previous system had Sports Sounds Pro installed under the Program Files folder then you will have to copy over the SS.ini file and your .set file from the folder they are in to the folder in which you installed SSP.


The file you download is called "InstallSportssoundsPro6013.exe". Run it and it will install Sports Sounds Pro in a directory called SportsSoundsPro.

It will also place a shortcut on your desktop. If you already have a version of Sports Sounds Pro then this will overlay that version and maintain all your button setting. You need not do anything.

If you already have an earlier version of Sports Sounds (prior to version 4.0.1), then copy over the SS.ini file from your old Sports Sounds directory along with any .set files, this will maintain your registration key and sound button assignments.

Moving Sports Sounds Pro to Another Computer:

The file you downloaded, "InstallSportsSoundsPro6013.exe" is small enough to fit on a floppy disk. Copy it to a floppy or a flash stick and then copy it to the computer you want to install it on. Run it and it will install Sports Sounds Pro on that computer. Then enter your registration code and you are ready to go.