Release 2.1.2 - 10/23/2001

-Changes were made to correct a bug that was causing a "No MCI Device Open" error to occur when a certain sequence of sound buttons and Hot Keys were pressed.

-Changes were made in the Copy, Cut, and Paste routine to always set the color background in the panel of the pasted button to the unused color (Teal).

-The ability to specify a default .set file for Sports Sounds to load upon start-up has been removed from the Options, Set-up screen. With the smart logic added in release 2.1.1, Sports Sounds always loads the last .set file used.


Release 2.1.1 - 10/9/2001


-The progression bar has been replaced with a new progression control.

-In addition to the "TAB" key, the arrow keys will now also allow you to navigate the sound buttons.

-Corrected a problem with time lengths on .MID files when using the multiple file assignments.

-The multiple file assignments now displays each sound button as they are added rather than waiting until they are all done before refreshing the display.

-Internal timers were consolidated to make the program more efficient.

-The "Setup" "Options" choice to show/not show time lengths has been removed. Sports Sounds will now always display time lengths.

-The display "File Playing: (nothing)" has been eliminated from the control panel. When a sound is complete, the "File Playing" display will become invisible.

-Sports Sounds will now internally generate its own initial files if they are not present. This was done to facilitate the install process and make life easier for current users. Upgrades will be able to be downloaded without overwriting existing .set and .ini files.

-There is now a new option under Setup called "Activate Tracer". When checked, a TracerFile.txt is generated. A number of tools to help user's solve their problems are being developed. This is one of them. If they have a problem, they would "Activate Tracer", run to the problem area, close the program and email the TracerFile.txt.

-A problem playing mp3 files in the "Q" group under Windows 2000 and Windows XP has been corrected. It was a timing issue and the addition of "process breaks" in the "playlist" and "soundbutton" routines resolved the proble.

Release 2.1.0 - 9/24/2001

-A number of changes were made to correct problems and improve the program. One of the changes was a major logic change which is why the version number has jumped up to 2.1.0

-The two most significant changes were: (1) the correction of a condition that would cause the program to abort when sound buttons were clicked rapidly in succession; and (2) the method the program uses to determine when a sound file has ended.

-In previous versions, the timer based on the length of the sound was the controlling factor in determining when a sound file has ended. Unfortunately, some sound files have inaccurate times. This resulted in either the sound being cut off before it ended because the timer ran down to zero or the sound file ending and the program just sitting there waiting for the timer to count down to zero.

-Sports Sounds now uses a return signal from Windows Media Player to notify it that a sound has ended and no longer utilizes the timer to control it. This means a sound could end while there was still time left on the timer or the timer could go negative. For the vast majority of your sound files, you will not see or experience any difference.

-A number of changes were made within the "Edit" mode process to accomodate problems interacting with the new functionality which came about with the release of version 2.0 and subsequent versions.

-Smart logic was added so that Sports Sounds now "remembers" the users profile. When you start Sports Sounds, it will come up with the settings you used the last time you ran. Automatically retained are the settings for Hot Key, Shuffle Mode, Fade-In Mode, Fade-Out Mode and Volume Level. You will also be returned to the Group and Page you were previously on.

-While Sports Sounds was designed for mouse use, partial keyboard control has now been added. When a page comes up, the first sound button on that page has "focus". By hitting the "Tab" key, you can now step through the buttons on the page and by pressing the "Enter" key, you can play the button that has "focus".

-When you add a new sound button, Sports Sounds will now place the file name in the Note for that button along with placing the name on the button itself. This helps users with long file names who normally place a shortened name on the button by retaining the longer name in the Note.

-The generic indicator for Hot Key present has been eliminated (the red "K"). It has been replaced by the actual Hot Key assignment. The Hot Key is shown in upper case while one or two control characters are shown before it in lower case (for the Ctrl key a "c" is shown and for the Alt key a "a" is shown). E.G. if you assigned (Alt + "W") as a Hot Key, it would show as aW. If you assigned (Ctrl + Alt + "W"), that would show as caW. The red background has been retained and the pop-up window for the hot key is still there.


Release 2.0.4 - 8/21/2001


-A number of corrections were made to the Button Note process. (You were previously unable to clear a Note, Notes were not being moved with the Button during the drag and drop process, and Notes were appearing for buttons they were not intended for).

-A number of checks and controls were added to make the program more robust. These mainly involved the "Fade Out" function. Previously you could cause the program to abort by clicking on the Stop Button or another Sound button when a sound was in the process of fading out.

-The Stop Button has now been made inactive during the "Fade Out" process and clicking on another Sound Button or Hot Key will be ignored during the "Fade Out" process.

-A confirmation screen has been added to the "Delete Page" selection. All the buttons on the deleted page are now being purged when the page delete is confirmed.


Release 2.0.3 - 8/02/2001


-Refined the interface to the Game Clock and general purpose Timer. They now both have Start/Stop and Reset buttons.

-Under the Tools menu selection you select if you wish to Hide or Unhide them.

-Corrected a bug in a timing routine that was cutting off the first part of very short sounds.


Release 2.0.2 - 7/31/2001


-Added a Game Clock and a separate Timer. They are available under the Tools menu selection.

-The "Clipboard has Data" messages now appear in a small panel at the bottom of the screen.

-Corrected a bug in the "List Sound Buttons" routine under the Tools menu selection


Release 2.0.1 - 7/27/2001


-Correction: Under certain conditions (long fade times, sound bytes shorter than fade rate, and both fade out and fade in active) the faders could cause the program to lock up. The user then had to re-boot their system to continue. This has now been corrected.

-Additions: A few more small features were also incorporated. When you copy either a sound button or page to the clipboard, a small message telling you the clipboard has data in it now appears at the bottom of the main screen. If you place your mouse cursor over the message, the contents of the clipboard will be shown in a pop-up window. In addition, the .set file you currently have open is now displayed in the top ID panel.


Release 2.0 - 7/24/2001



1. Fixed the pause button routine so it only flashes the panel of the sound that was paused.

2. Fixed the Add/Edit Sound Button routine. Adding a sound causes the program to open that file to obtain the time length of the sound. If a sound was playing when a new sound button was added, retrieving the time length would cause the playing sound to stop. Now if a sound is playing, the program bypasses retreiveing the time length and adds the button without a time length. The first time that sound is played, its time length will be posted to the panel.

3. Changed Edit Page Screen so the enter key works like the OK button. There is no longer a need to use the mouse to click OK.


1. Fade In and Fade Out added along with settable Fade Rate and Fade Step.

These two buttons are toggles.

When Fade Out is active and the <Stop> key is pressed the volume fades out using the preset rate, the sound stops and the volume is returned to its previous level. If you press another sound button and Fade Out is active, the sound playing fades out to off and the next sound starts playing at the previous volume level.

When Fade In is active and any sound button is pressed, the volume fades in from "off" to the previous volume setting.

2. Page and Sound Button fonts settable. The user can select font style, color, and size.

3. Pause button itself now flashes in addition to the panel of the sound paused.

4. Progression Bar added.

5. Allow multiple file assignments from a directory. Will assign files one by one starting with the button selected and moving left to right, top to bottom until all files selected are assigned or the bottom of the page is reached. NOTE: it will overwrite existing button assignment.

6. Button Drag Mode option added to right click pop-up menu.

7. Find key added.

8. Hot Key processing. (Ctrl +, Alt +, Ctrl + Alt +, F1-F12, 0-9, A-Z).

9. Copy, Cut, and Paste capability for Sound Buttons.

10. Copy, Cut and Paste capability for Page Buttons.

11. The ability to drag and drop pages (only within the group).

12. Shuffle mode added to the "Q" group.

13. Tools menu (List Hot Keys, List Sound Buttons).

13.1 List Hot Keys by Hot Key or Group/Page or Sound

13.2 List Sound Buttons by Group/Page or Sound

14. Hot Key management.

14.1 Hot Key Indicator - A small "K" with a red background appears in the lower right hand portion of the panel for buttons containing a hot key.

14.2 If you hold the mouse cursor over the Hot Key Indicator, a pop-up display of that hot key appears for a few seconds.


Release 1.3.1 - 4/12/2001


-New SETUP selection (ROSTER) and revised selection (LINEUPS)


Release 1.3 - 2/01/2001


-New Options and revised main screen display:

-Sound Time Lengths:
Sports Sounds will now save the time length of all sounds. The main screen now has the ability to display the time length for each sound in the compartment along with the sound button. This option can be turned on/off through the "Setup - Options" selection on the main menu.

Both the "Control MIDI Volume" and "Display Sound Time Lengths" use a checkbox rather than the "Yes/No" selection. A new option called "Retrieve Times" is for Users of previous versions of Sports Sounds. This option will populate the times for existng sound buttons.

-Lineups Screen:
The Lineups screen now lets you save lineups and load previously saved lineups.


Release 1.2 - 1/08/2001


-User Interface Refinements:
The four group buttons have now been moved to the top of their panel. When a group button is pressed, it will now light up. The Page buttons will also light up when pressed. This should make it easier to tell where you are. The "Edit", "Loop", and "Pause" buttons will also light up when activated.

-Sports Sounds now remembers what page you are on in each group. In prior versions, when you changed groups, the first page for that group was displayed. Sports Sounds now keeps track of where you are at. When you return to a group, the page you were in will now be displayed.

-Volume Control Option:
The Volume Control track bar on the main screen controlled the volume for wav/MP3 files and also for midi files. You can now decouple the midi files from the Volume Control bar. Under Setup /Options you can select "YES" or "NO" for "Control MIDI Volume". If "NO" is selected then Sports Sounds will not alter the MIDI volume. It will be left at the level it was before Sports Sounds was loaded. This was a special request for a DJ in Kansas City and the average user will have no need to ever decouple midi volume from the Volume Control track bar.