Release 3.2 Build 03 - 06/13/2002

-Corrected two bugs with the baseball scoreboard. One was causing the total runs to advance to two when trying to post the first run. The second correction resolved a compatibility problem with Windows XP that kept reducing the size of the scoreboard.


Release 3.2 Build 02 - 06/11/2002


-Corrected a bug that was preventing the user from Adding/Editing/Deleting a sound button in the second column from the left, the second button down.

Release 3.2 Build 01 - 06/06/2002

-Added a new accelerator key. The Backslash "\" key will trigger a "STOP with FADE OUT" regardless of the Fade Out setting.

New code was added so that when a user is navigating between sound buttons using the arrow keys, the sound button that has focus will "light" up.

Added a new slider control directly below the sound progression bar that allows a user to start a sound anywhere in the sound or skip forward or backward while a sound is playing simply by dragging the slide control.

Added a new option in the Setup/Options menue under the General tab that lets a user set the entire panel behind the sound button to respond to a mouse click and not just the sound button itself.

-A new menu selection under the mouse right button click pop-up menu for the "Q" group was added to allows users to set a "Timed Start" for that button.

-You can now "highlight" a sound button through the right mouse click menu. The highlight allows you to mark a special sound so it is easier for you to find it.

-Sports Sounds now supports WMA files. You must include both the BASS.dll and the BASSEWMA.dll file.

-Added another new option in the Setup/Options menu under the General tab that lets a user set a Rapid Fire mode. Under Rapid Fire, the "Q" group stops after each song and when the user hits the space bar, the next song plays.

-Corrected a problem with Notes when using button drag mode.

Release 3.1 Build 06 - 04/02/2002

-Corrected a bug that was causing a false Fade Out to occur when no sound was playing. Fade Out had to be active and the user had to use the "SPACE BAR" to start the sound to cause this bug to occur.

Release 3.1 Build 05 - 03/11/2002

-Corrected a bug in the baseball scoreboard, the "At Bat" box was not changing between teams when the "Innings" were advanced.

Release 3.1 Build 04 - 03/07/2002

-Internal coding changes were made to all the scoreboards to accomodate the space bar as an accelerator key for the STOP BUTTON. In Build 03, if a scoreboard had focus, then the spacebar would not stop the sound. The main screen had to have focus.

-The alignment of the main screen was fixed (it got fouled up in Build 03 for users running at 800 x 600 resolution).

Release 3.1 Build 03 - 02/28/2002

-The baseball scoreboard was changed to correct a bug that was causing the opposite teams score to be updated or reset.

-The permanent assignment of the "T" key as a hot key for the "STOP button" has been removed and the key "T" is now available for sound button Hot Key assignements.

-The space bar has now been assigned as a hot key for the "STOP button". Users should exercise caution in that the space bar will also trigger the playing of a song if that song button has focus (indicated by a dotted black rectangle on the sound button).

-The "Fade Out" and "Fade In" buttons have switched position to place them in a more logical alignment.

Release 3.1 Build 02 - 02/19/2002

-The baseball scoreboard was updated to reflect team names.

Release 3.1 Build 01 - 02/06/2002

-A variety of scoreboards for other sports have been added under the Setup/Scorboard menu selection.

-Upgrade to latest version (1.4) of BASS.DLL

-Revised the volume control display.

Release 3.0 - 01/07/2002

-A major change in the internal logic of the program, Sports Sounds now utilizes DirectX technology through a sound engine called BASS, Sports Sounds no longer utilizes the Windows Media Player.

-The other changes are too numerous to mention but include a redesigned main screen, the addition of sound level meters and numerous procedural changes to ease and simplify data entry along with several minor bug fixes.