Release 4.4 Build 12 - 12/26/2004

  • Drop back to BASS Version 1.7 sound engine.
  • This eliminates the problem that some users were having with the program crashing.

Release 4.4 Build 11 - 12/23/2004

  • Upgrade to BASS Version 2.1 sound engine.
  • Corrects bugs introduced in Version 4.4.10 (Multi-Play, Fade-out, PlayList/Next, etc.).

Release 4.4 Build 10 - 12/18/2004

  • Improved error trapping and re-wrote fader logic to avoid potential problems.

Release 4.4 Build 09 - 10/15/2004

  • Upgrade to BASS Version 2.0 sound engine.
  • A fifth group (Group E) has been added which adds 864 more sound buttons for a total of 4,320 sound buttons.
  • A border has been placed around the meters when in bar-graph mode and the bar-graph meters have been enlarged.
  • In the Find screen, you no longer have to click on the Find button, pressing the enter key activates the Find.
  • The main screen's Pause and Stop buttons have been moved closer to the center of the screen.
  • You can now configure the program to retain or not retain the button played status (red color) between sessions. Just check "Reset ALL on Start-up" under Setup/Options/General on the main menu.
  • Corrected a problem with WMA files that was causing the program to return an error message when attempting to use the slider bar to move around in the sound file.
  • More small tweaks: Find results in Bold now at top of form; space added between buttons and faders/timers on main form; Find text cleared between finds.

Release 4.4 Build 08 - 07/23/2004

  • Some more small tweaks have been incorporated in this build.
  • With the font stabilization change in Build 07, the "True Type" font restriction has been removed from the font selections.
  • The "Form Reset" selection has also been added under the Tools selection on the main menu.
  • You can now edit the Place-Marker without having to delete and create it again.
  • Corrected a bug in "Paste Page" that was not copying over the Place-Markers.

Release 4.4 Build 07 - 07/11/2004

  • A number of small tweaks have been incorporated in this build.
  • When you start a song playing, then turned on Multi-Play and started a second song, the second song would not start at the beginning but at the elapsed time point of the song already playing. Now all multi-play songs will start at the beginning.
  • When you clicked on a non-existent page in the Groups/Page area, it would clear out the sound buttons and change the page selected display. Now it ignores clicks on non-existent pages.
  • Font stabilization. Sports Sounds Pro now displays at full screen using a third party product. When it loads, it sets its font size to the original screen size (which was around 60% of the full screen) then it calls the routine to resize to full screen. This routine then changes the font size to accommodate the full screen display. Sports Sound Pro now sets its font size after this routine is called so that the font size selected by the user will always be presented.
  • The number of selectable fonts has been reduced to only those fonts using the ANSI character set and only those fonts that are "True Type" fonts. -When you cue a sound, the cued sound button will change to blue to indicate the sound has been cued.

Release 4.4 Build 06a - 06/16/2004

  • Bug fix for version 4.4.6
  • A small bug was fixed in the user assigned color backgrounds for groups.

Release 4.4 Build 06 - 06/11/2004

  • Bug fix for version 4.4.5
  • Problem was found with right click Page add routine, Page Paste, and Page drag and drop.

Release 4.4 Build 05 - 06/03/2004

  • Multi-Play (up to five songs/sounds)
  • Cue capability
  • Full Screen display (resizable)

Release 4.4 Build 04 - 04/16/2004

  • Several baseball users stated that in a brightly lit outdoor setting, they have trouble seeing what buttons are "lit" or "active", such as PlayList, or Cross Fade. A new selection has been added to the Setup/Options/Colors to allow the user to select the color they want when the button is "lit" or "active".
  • A bug was found in "AutoFade" in a PlayList with Cross Fade active. When the last song in the play list is playing, that song would fade out but the Cross Fade button would keep blinking. This has now been fixed.

Release 4.4 Build 03 - 03/28/2004

  • A number of small bug fixes are incorporated in this release.
  • A bug where the "Lock On/Off" would disappear from the right click menu has been corrected.
  • A user was experiencing a problem with the baseball scoreboard that seemed to be an incompatibility with their video card. To solve the problem, that screen has been made user resizeable.
  • The "Find" logic has been changed to always place the find text in focus.
  • A modification to the way "Fade Out' functions has been made to make it compatible with prior versions. Fade Out will only occur when the user clicks on the "Stop" button or hits the space bar. It will not fade out if the user clicks on another sound button.

Release 4.4 Build 02 - 02/15/2004

  • The large display of the Group selected, in the Control Panel, has been restored.
  • A clarification in the use of hot keys has been implemented. A user in the broadcast business had asked for the automatic assignment of a key to each sound. The assignment would be the same on each page in that the top left sound button would always be "A" while the next one would be "B". This was implemented as "program assigned hot keys" when in fact they really were not hot keys but a shortcut method of bypassing the mouse click. With the new faders, one option was to allow or not allow fades on hot keys. This setting had no effect on the "program assigned hot keys". They did not follow the same logic path as normal hot keys. To end this confusion, that option has now been renamed to "Assign broadcast shortcut keys". The broadcast shortcut keys just replace the mouse clicking and have nothing to do with hot keys. If the broadcast shortcut keys option is selected, then hot keys are disabled.
  • Sports Sounds Pro will now except a command line parameter of the .set file you wish to open. You must specify the full path, including the drive, and file name.

Release 4.4 Build 01 - 01/31/2004

  • Added new functionality to the faders so they will now work automatically or manually. New parameters are contained in Setup/Options/Faders which let you specify the position from the end you want an automatic Fade Out or a Cross Fade to begin. When a song reaches that position, either Fade Out or Cross Fade will occur if they are activated. Automatic Cross Fade will only occur in a Playlist.
  • Automatic fading is controlled through a Auto Fade button in the Control Panel.
  • All fade functionality (Fade In, Fade Out, and Cross Fade) will now work with Hot Keys if the option "Allow Fades on Hot Keys" in Setup/Options/Faders is checked.
  • If you have both Fade In and Fade Out active and you are playing a song and manually click another sound button then the clicked button will light up while the existing song is Fading Out. This is just a visual reference that your mouse click happened so you don't multiple click. When the first song is done fading out and the new song starts fading in, then the lit button will change to green.
  • The Control Panel display "NOW PLAYING:" has been modified to also show the Group and Page of the sound playing. The format is [Group/Page] - Path & File Name.
  • Moved the "Allow Fades on Hot Keys" option from the General Tab to the Faders Tab in Setup/Options.
  • The large display of the Group selected in the Control Panel has been eliminated.
  • Some Control Panel buttons have moved to achieve a more logical grouping.

Release 4.3 Build 13 - 01/24/2004

  • Corrected an error that was causing certain users to continually get "BASS Initialization" errors. This occurred when they had previously selected an output device other than the default one and when they tried to execute the program without that device connected, they would get the error. This is because Sports Sounds Pro saves the users settings and restores them. However, without that device connected, they were unable to execute the program to change the device. The program will now tell you that it has encountered a "BASS Initialization" error and if you are using a non-default Ouput Device, it will then attempt to start again using the default device.

Release 4.3 Build 12 - 01/07/2004

  • I was not satisfied with the user interface for the expanded Find button. It has been rewritten to make it cleaner.Â
  • Updated the Help text for the new "Find" button user interface.

Release 4.3 Build 11 - 01/06/2004

  • Expanded the capability of the "Find" routine. It will now look in sound buttons, notes, or both.
  • Updated the Help text for the new "Find" capability.
  • Found the real freeze up on terminate bug which was in the "Find" routine logic. I was able to cause the program to freeze up every time once the sequence was discovered. The bug has now been corrected.