Release 5.0 Build 16 - May 4, 2008:

  • No sooner had Build 15 been released then emails started coming in stating that the Export Page function was not saving their pages. Sports Sounds Pro used the existing page name as the file name in the export function. There are nine characters that Microsoft does not allow in file names and those users had one or more of them in their page name. SSP will now scan each page name to be exported and replace those prohibited characters with a dash (-). SSP will also display a warning message to the user that it has found one of those characters and is going to replace it. The prohibited characters in file names are: '/', '\', '?', ':', '*', '"', '<', '>', and '|'.
  • A heavy user of the Cue reported a problem that when Cue Auto Delete was active, there were situations where the button was not being removed from the cue. This occurred when the Stop Button was clicked, or the Auto Fade was active, or another Cue sound button was clicked. These have all been corrected.
  • A user also requested that when a Cued button has been played, could the original location be flagged Red to indicate such. This has been done.

Release 5.0 Build 15 - April 25, 2008:

  • A user pointed out that the two timers (the Game Clock and the Timer (stop watch)) were not accurate. In researching it, I found a bug in the method I was using to implement them. The timers are now corrected.
  • With the addition of the Custom Cue Indicator Flag to the bottom of a sound button, users with many Custom Cues stated that the white on black indicator flag was not pleasing to look at on pages with many cues. The user can now soften all indicator flags by electing one of three background colors for the indicators in the Setup/Options/Colors menu.
  • In Button Drag Mode, the Custom Cue Indicator Flag was not being moved with the sound button. It is now corrected.
  • In "Mono" mode, Custom Cues were starting at twice the position at which they were established when the program was in Stereo mode. The code has been changed to save all Custom Cues as if the program was in the "Stereo" mode and adjust them accordingly when in the "Mono" mode.
  • Sports Sounds Pro now contains a Page Library. When you right click on a Page Button, there are now two new options. One is Export Page and the other is Import Page. Export Page will save a Page to a Folder named "SSPPageLibrary". (You can find the path to that folder by clicking on "Display Page Library Folder Path" in the Tools section of the main menu). Import Page will load a Page from the Page Library to a blank page in Sports Sounds Pro. This feature allows users to swap in and out pages rapidly. You can now place pages that are not frequently used (e.g. Irish music for St. Patty's Day) into the Page Library. You then can delete that page knowing that you can easily restore it. Also, during the course of an event, you seldom need sounds from all 72 pages. In the past, users have been reluctant to delete a Page because of the amount of effort needed to remake it. Now users can save their pages to the Page Library and only restore the Pages they need for a particular event.
  • The Pause button now has its own set of fader controls. Pause would normally perform a hard stop or it would honor the main Fade In/Fade Out settings if they were turned on. Now the user can set different fade rates for a Pause. The settings are under Setup/Options/Faders in the main menu.
  • Previously, you could not assign a Hot Key if that Hot Key was already assigned. You had to release the first Hot Key before you could assign it again. Some professional power users, using many Hot Keys, indicated that at times they are given a sound shortly before show time that they need to use. They want to assign it to a Hot Key but all their Hot Keys are used. They don't have the time to lookup and release a Hot Key. Sports Sounds Pro will now display a message indicating that the Hot Key is being used and give you the option to override its assignment.