Release 6.0 Build 5 - October 29, 2009:

Some more minor bug fixes plus a new change.

- When the Exporting and Importing Pages features were modified in 6.0 Build 4 to handle a Page's color, a bug was introduced.  If you tried to import a page that was exported by a previous version of Sports Sounds Pro (which did not contain a color parameter), then an error would occur since Sports Sounds Pro now needs to know the color for the imported page button.  This is now corrected
and you can import pages from previous version's exports.

- A user encountered a problem trying to reset a page.  It seems that the button color of Red was stored in the button color table and "Reset Page" was not clearing it.  This has been corrected in both "Reset Page" and "Reset All Pages".

- The attempted fix for wide-screen monitors, introduced in version 6.0 Build 4, has been removed since it was causing a screen problem with normal size screens.  For the time being, users with wide-screen monitors need to click on Tools in the main menu then "Form Restore to Full Screen" to clean up the display.

- Two new items have been added to the main menu under Edit.  They are "Remove Page Button Custom Colors for this Group ONLY" and "Remove Sound Button Custom Colors for this Page ONLY".

Release 6.0 Build 4 - October 14, 2009:

Some more minor bug fixes plus a new change.

- Exporting and Importing Pages to the Page Library will now retain the Page's color and the sound buttons colors.

- The problem with large fonts on the initial start-up screen should now be corrected.

- Users with wide-screen monitors have been reporting a problem with their screen displays (some areas overlapping, etc.).  By going to Tools in the main menu and clicking on "Restore to Full Screen" the problem was resolved.  The program now does that during start-up which should eliminate this problem.

- Adding a new page will result in the "font color for pages" being assigned rather than assigning a black font color.

Release 6.0 Build 3.2 - October 9, 2009:

- Fixed a bug in the sound button right click pop-up routine.  When a sound is playing, this brings up the individual volume control setting.  When exiting from that, it was showing Capture and Set Button Color selections which it should not have done.

Release 6.0 Build 3.1 - October 9, 2009:

- Fixed a bug in the button color handling that was generating a error when copying the Cue.

Release 6.0 Build 3 - October 9, 2009:

Some more minor bug fixes plus some new changes.

- The changing of Page Button font color is now working properly.

- Copying Place Markers was not carrying its proper color with it.

- Dragging a Page Button to a new slot did not retain its color property and the emply page button did not have "(Blank Page)' filled in.

- Dragging a Page Button was not keeping the sound button custom colors with it.

- A new option under "Setup/Options/General", PlayList Section, now allows the PlayList mode to play rather than skip over previously played buttons (colored Red).  However, when "Shuffle" or "Shuffle All" is active, it will continue to skip over previously played Red colored sound buttons.

- the "Button Drag Mode On/Off" has been removed from the pop-up menus for sound and page buttons and has now become a new button in the Control Panel on the main screen.  The location and/or size of a few of the buttons has been changed to facilitate this change.

Release 6.0 Build 2 - October 1, 2009:

There were two minor bugs in Version 6.0 Build 1.  This fixes both of them.

- The line in the Control Panel which shows the current file playing was not displaying the new groups.

- The "Find" option was not showing the proper group for buttons in the expanded number of groups.

Release 6.0 Build 1 - September 29, 2009:

- Sports Sounds Pro (SSP) now supports 8,640 sound buttons in a set file.  The five groups (A-B-C-D-E) have been expanded to 10 groups (A-B-C-D-E plus F-G-H-I-J).

- You can now set any Page Button or Sound Button to the color of your choice.  In order to maintain compatibility with certain colors used by Sports Sounds Pro (there are only 8 of them), Sports Sounds Pro prohibits the user from setting sound buttons to those colors.  All color combinations will work for Page Buttons.

- When you DELETE a sound button, you will be presented with a confirmation screen.

- Some users have reported a problem with one of the Sports Sounds Pro Accelerator Keys, the Shift key, and other software they use.  In Sports Sounds Pro, the Shift key triggers the "Talk" function.  Under Setup/Options, "Talk" tab, you can now turn off the shift key as an Accelerator Key.

- Some users experienced duplicate Hot Keys, code to eliminate this condition is now in place.

- Some users have experienced No Sound when running Sports Sounds Pro.  The problem was traced back to their Individual Volume Level Default Setting (Setup/Options, "Volume" Tab).  Somehow it got set to zero or a very low number.  Sports Sounds Pro will now provide a warning message on start-up when the Individual Volume Level Default Setting is below 30.

- The Rapid Fire Button works in conjunction with "Play List".  They are now more coupled together.  Rapid Fire can only by active when "Play List" is active.

- In order to handle the five new Group buttons, the label "Pages" in that panel has been removed.  All blank pages now carry a "Blank Page" label within them.  The option to "Hide Blank Pages" has been removed.

- Scoreboards for Handball and Lacrosse have been added.

- Sports Sounds Pro will now play .BWF files (Broadcast Wav File).

- Sports Sounds Pro will now remember what folder your page library files are in.