The copy of Sports Sounds Pro that you download is the full version of the program. The downloaded program operates in a DEMO MODE with limited playback capability. In DEMO MODE, the program will only play back the top row of buttons on the first three pages of each group.

NO SOUNDS ARE SUPPLIED WITH THE PROGRAM. You supply the sounds with your own MP3 files, .WAV files, WMA files, etc. However we do provide some great resources to help build your library in our "Web Links" section.


To purchase the full version and to unlock the demo, it costs only $149.95. Once paid for, the user will be e-mailed a Registration Key that they enter on the HELP, REGISTER screen. Once entered, the key will unlock the full functionality and all 8,640 buttons.

The registration of Sports Sounds Pro is being handled by an independent company called "ShareIt" on their secure server. They are specialists in program registration and have many payment options, including credit card, check, cash or mail order. Just click on the menu selection "Purchase On-Line" to complete your purchase.

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We love to hear of new users and how they are using the program. We keep a list of users in our "Web Links" section. Also, we are open to ideas and suggestions for future improvements.