"...I purchased your product over a year ago, and I absolutely love it...I'm located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have a son and a daughter that both been playing hockey for a few years. My wife is also a competitive hockey player - who is playing here in Canada at the highest level. I am a computer network systems analyst - and I own my own company that designs and supports computer networks - www.ftpinc.ca.

As a parent watching my kids hockey games, I was exposed to the parents doing their best in the sound booth with a single CD player - and thought to myself - there must be a better way. I took one evening and setup one of my notebooks with media player, and a few ripped tunes, found the right cables, and started what has turned into one of my passions. (my wife calls it an obsession) I have been slowly progressing with my skills, technology, and your software which I learned about from the Yahoo Sports Music Group. I have been brought in to provide announcing and dj for a large variety of sporting events. Most recently I have had a chance to entertain at a few of the WHL arenas in Western Canada. Of course - my commitment is still to my son, daughter and wife's teams. I'm the guy who attends Calgary Flames games, and actually takes notes on what tunes are being played. I was asked to provide the dj services for the Alberta women’s hockey finals, and subsequently earned the chance to work the Canadian women’s hockey finals as well last year.

I get an absolute rush seeing fans standing up and dancing / grooving / enjoying my tunes. I have fond memories of refs even getting into the mood - and coming by the timekeep booth in the smaller arenas where I'm usually dropped - and making requests. Last year I changed my routine up a bit - and purchased the wireless gear usually used by musicians - that allows me to sit with the fans in the stands - and see their reactions, likes, dislikes, toe tapping etc. They usually think I'm sitting in the stands with my notebook working on spreadsheets, email etc. Not playing the tunes, sound effects, and organ classics! I find that I have been able to do a better job when I see the fan reactions up close.

I'm not a professional. This is not my profession - I have yet to charge for any event. I just love what I do. I don't think I'm a threat to the pros - I'm not in their league - but I take some pride in my hobby and want to do it well. I'm presently setup with Fujitsu lifebook notebooks - they have the touch screens - so jumping around in Sports Sounds Pro is really quick. When the game presents the opportunity for a quick sound, or appropriate tune, I can get there and cue it fast. For the past year I have had numerous individuals come up to me and say “are you doing the music? WOW!” They are amazed this little notebook sitting on my lap up in the stands can do what it does. I have many people ask me – can you set us up in our arena?..."
Gregg E. Shields, President, Fortress Technology Planners Inc.