"...I just finish a very high profile arena sized corporate event where I had the opportunity to give SSP quite the spin on my new MacBook Pro (having recently taken the plunge into Mac's). The laptop is set up with Parallels and runs XP Pro. I had my PC laptop set up right next to the Mac in "just-in-case" mode as this was the first time I've used the Mac in a show situation. This show, with dozens of very critical, fast-paced cues in each session. . .well, let's just say I was a bit apprehensive. I need not have been. Everything performed FLAWLESSLY! I never once even had to think about jumping over to the PC and I was hitting cue after cue, cross fades, quick hits, production numbers, walk-ons and walk-offs--you name it, it was in this show.

In short, I could not be more jazzed about the whole thing. I've been a PC guy from the days of DOS and a SSP user since version 2. This takes it to a whole new level. The only thing you could do that would make me any happier would be a SportsSounds Pro for MAC version! That's a request, I'm guessing, you are starting to get deluged with!

Thanks for the GREAT program!..."

John Van Norman CEO and Senior Audio Engineer, Van Norman Audio Visual, Inc"