"...I found Sports Sound Pro while googling, bought the product on-line, taught myself from your help files ( I'm no computer whiz) and four days later I used it for the opening game of the 2007 season for the NBL Hawks Basketball team from Hawke's Bay, the current New Zealand champions. Your product is fantastic. I applaud you. In fact I physically applauded you as I learnt, step by step your button system and what SSP can do. At the opening game of the season, I felt like the "cat's whiskers" and had a contented smile throughout the whole game as I effortlessly triggered sound buttons all over the place, at times rapid firing 4 to 5 effects on each other for 3 pointers or slam dunks.

I manage atmospherics for this and many other events including rugby, parades, fireworks shows and festivals and I can already see the enormous possibilities SSP opens up for our community organization. Thank you for your idea and work-in-progress to develop SSP and the intangible feel good - positive vibes it brings to our community events and audiences in New Zealand..."
Te Rangi Huata, Public Dreams Trust - "Making dreams reality", Concerts, Festivals, Event Management, Pyrotechnics